A Calming Bedtime Elixir

calming bedtime elixir

Are you the type of human who can plunk right into bed and pass out, not a care in the world? Or are you the sort to toss and turn, feel all of your physical and mental pains? I’ve been practicing a kind of bedtime mindfulness meditation to help ease into dreamland, so I don’t typically have a tremendous issue with falling asleep. But there are those times for all of us when our bodies could use gentle guidance to lull. Cue this calming turmeric, nutmeg, and coconut-milk bedtime elixir, from this NY Times article

It was a chef friend who introduced Goad to “golden milk,” a warming blend of spices and turmeric served in coconut milk that is prized for its anti-inflammatory properties. Rather than purchasing a ready-made option, Goad prefers the process of making her own homemade brew. She picks up the ingredients from the Spice Shop off Portobello Road and assembles it mostly by eye, smelling and tasting the mixture and then making adjustments.

Perfect to get your wintery cozy on.


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