Hello! I’m Catherine Masi. 

You may have noticed that I modeled this newest Winter Light collection and think that’s weird. I’d think so too. But here’s the backstory to it, if you’d like to read on a bit… One: In my ten years designing, this is the first collection not modeled by another gal (they’ve all been wonderful, peep the Portfolio for proof). But when circumstances arose and my usual options fell through, timing-wise, I had to think outside the box. Two: I’ve recently entered a new stage where life has unfolded unexpectedly, as it’s sometimes wont to do, and I found that the only way through was to keep focused on the simple pleasures…pay attention to the light in life, I kept reminding myself. Three: My career began to shift toward expanding work  experientially (see Services below), and I think that’s because I kept tuning in to the light,at times with tiny incremental shifts. And, with that, my world opened up…people, places, ideas…and I ultimately began feeling more and more peace. At this point, I recognized what I was personally drawn to; which has been a channeling back to a sense of universal love, a fascination with the cosmos, and well…bold light-filled adornments. I felt resonant with this collection, both in its essence and its creation. And in the end chose to model the pieces myself,at home with my quest on both a personal and professional level, to be and seek signals for light. Which is what this Winter Light collection is about at its heart. 

So there’s a little bit about how my life and work overlap and evolve.

This shop is a California based polestar of all things lovely to beautify, inspire, and uplift.  In 2004, following an early career in Creative Arts in Learning, I began designing.  Sometimes I write, blog, photograph, and paint. I also love volunteering in the communities around me. Other times I collaborate to create spaces and parties that celebrate the tiny and the huge. Most times I’ve got a secret project going.

Originally from New England, I now call Santa Barbara, California home.

Here’s more of what I do…

Creative Director / Collaborator: Parties + Photoshoots + Creative Workshops + Interior Spaces… I create welcoming, uplifting, and inspiring spaces, events, and parties. Need a hand with that? I offer multi-tiered services to suit your unique budget.

Home Tours Features:  A Beautiful Mess +  Apartment Therapy

Behind the Scenes: Instagram + Pinterest

Contact me:    Hello[at]ShopCatherineMasi[dot]com

Style Designer: Hair Accessories + Bridal Adornments + Jewelry + Apparel  -> SHOP  + PORTFOLIO

Social Media:  Multi-tiered  options from set-up to content implementation to on-going management; includes options for streamlining brand for a cohesive visually engaging appearance that drives exposure for your business.

[photo credits: Myriah Bujak]