Christmas Candy Bark Recipe

It’s been a week of wildfire overstimulation. Feeling way thankful that loved ones are safe-save for the devastation of homes, property, and wildlife. And watching it inch up toward Santa Barbara has me on high mental alert, compounded with worry for those who have already been displaced. As I prepare a pile of belongings to go with in the event of an evacuation, I realize that nothing is more important than just being alive and for those I love to be alive. Simple as that. But I do need to chill my mind, so this post is really all about candy and color and holiday spirit…you know, all good and wholesomely happy stuff.

I present to you, via Bespoke Bride, a super stylin’ pretty yummy Christmas candy bark recipe to up the ante on feel good necessities. The full diy is right here. Go. Make. Breathe. Enjoy.



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