Dream Home / 300 Square Foot Tiny House in California

Tiny house dreams

Call it a quest for more simplicity and organization, but I’ve been appreciating the aesthetic of smaller living spaces. My own home is tiny in comparison to most (particularly to those friends in my age range). Living in 600 square foot residence isn’t too small, of course, given that many around the world share flats just this size or smaller with entire families. But in an age where more is more while humans are also craving simpler lives, tiny homes have made a fashionable comeback. The feeling of needing less leads to a more content feeling of wanting less. And that’s pretty cool, I think.

I love this 300 square foot home, shared by a family of three, located in the mountains outside Santa Cruz, California.  Having read this post over on Cup of Jo the other day, I still can’t get this, from the husband/dad, out of my head, “I hike up to the ridge with our daughter, Escher, almost every morning to watch the sunrise; we often go as a family in the evenings to watch the sunset, too.” Special, isn’t it?

Tiny house dreams

One way they’ve made the space constraints work for them is to extend the living space out into the yard around them. Like the deck, used for entertaining friends, and this lounging tent area…

Tiny house dreams


See more of this lovely home over on Cup of Jo!


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