Roundup Links to Ring in the Weekend

colorful light and shadow glasses

What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be working two photoshoots and then promptly passing out the second I enter my home. Life has been busy…no breaks kind of busy…but lots of creativity going on,with people I enjoy, so I’m just as happy. The big news from the shop’s neck of the woods is that we shot the new collection last Monday and will be launching the Winter Light/California Dreaming collection in about another week. And along with that, you’ll get to see this site’s updated rebrand (Yay!). Soon, you guys. Soon!

In the meantime, some great links gathered from around the web…

This rainbow tote!

What a gorgeous finial.

How to help after natural disasters

Dear god, please may I have?

On taking a knee…this, this and this. (so important)

What a wonderful book on diversity for children (and adults could take note!)

And how about this site for all things good news?

True true.

Enjoy an uplifting weekend, friends…

[top photo via Louise Hagger]


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