Into the Weekend

acrobat lift

You guys, this week has been hectic. I’m glad for Friday. Even though I technically put work in every day, there’s just something about the notion of “weekend” that relaxes my bones a little. Though, to be quite frank, I’ve let myself get lazy some days during the week and that’s been really wonderful for my overall happiness. So hooray for that!

How about some fun things to look at, gathered just for you from around the interwebs? Yes? Here ya go…

I’ll just start right in with some shameless self-promotion. The Spring/Summer collection is up in the shop as of today.  Plus new art prints!

I have all kinds of adoration for this beautifully restored historic 1889 South Carolina cottage.

On my to-watch list

These dining chairs (if I had an extra ten grand in pocket change and no inherent guilt)

Beautiful + delicious

I’d love to check out this book.

These two – inspiring on many levels – always and forevs.

Great tips on throwing a dinner party.

I like this.

Enjoy a lovely weekend, friends.



[ acrobat photo via rather soft light ]


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