Life Lesson / Don’t Be Afraid to Sparkle

don't be afraid to sparkle / dlf wallpaper

I’ve been in this place lately where I just. can’t. seem. to. take. the. next. step. I keep waiting for clarity; an obvious sign. Though I don’t think that is visible most times when we are too distracted with over-controlling thoughts and fears. They block the clarity. I block my own clarity. It’s why I’ve really come to appreciate, rather than feel frustrated by, the seemingly slow motion nature of my life events these days. It helps me to settle back and observe. And it has been an effective tool in being content with the person I am, and it’s been remarkably peaceful. The hope is for more confidence to come from that. Because truth told, some days, I think I stand out too much…that I myself am too much. But, conversely, what I’ve come to understand is that energy is my inherent power and I feel more disempowered holding my nature back than sharing it.

I recently read this quote by Riz Ahmed, the actor/rapper/activist, “The place you stick out the most is the place where you should stay. Because that’s where you can contribute something new.” I’m keeping this in mind as I consider- and actually take- next steps.

Don’t let ’em dull your sparkle, friends. It is your light and the world needs more light, don’t you think?

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