Reflecting Back on 2017

That’s me in Venice, California a couple months ago. I was captivated by this sunset, but who wouldn’t be? The colors were wild and vivid and ever shifting. Mighty glorious. My friend and I were flipping out over it, as you can imagine. It’s a good picture to close out 2017. Not an easy year around the globe, country, state, town, and personally. I felt disheartened with humanity, devastated with natural disasters, and bummed with the seeming lack of movement in my own life. But that’s the thing with perspective; it informs one’s perception. So while some days (weeks, months…) it seemed that all hope has been lost, other days I gained clarity on the forces of good that continue to exist around us. I went into 2017 with no goals and minimal plans and, in hindsight, I’m thankful for that. I’ve come to recognize that the lack of movement in nearly every aspect of my personal and professional life has held me in a safer space to better manage the happenings around the world. And I’m learning to not feel (as) apologetic for my sensitivity to it all. This awareness has reminded me of the significance of compassion and kindness. Though my practice in this coming year is to be mindful of balance, gather more peace, rest in the light, and express joy from there. Sounds about right, yeah?

Looking back through my year, I was able to feel a deeper sense of grace for 2017. And here, with a scroll through the year, is why…

January: The Women’s March renewed my hope and strength.

February: Hosted a Galentine’s Party with new and old female friends.

March: Launched the Spring/Summer Collection and my little home was featured on Apartment Therapy!

April: Spent a lot of time in nature, posed for a portrait and bid farewell to an era

May: Spent even more time in nature

June: Revisited San Francisco after years of resisting and oh my gosh, did I ever fall in love with it. P.S. and P.P.S.

July: Did a Pop-Up in Los Olivos and had lovely visits over yummy treats with friends

August: Visited San Luis Obispo , stayed politically active, and enjoyed a super relaxing, love-filled birthday

September: Continued to frequent and reap the rewards of the Saturday farmers market and had fun exploring Ventura

October: Worked on side projects, saw Bill Murray and Ira Glass, and launched the Fall/Winter collection

November: I couldn’t keep myself away from San Francisco, so I went back. And if I didn’t grow even more this time around… Plus Thanksgiving with friends I love.

December: Traveled to visit family and friends back east to Massachusetts and Maine. It was a wonderful time. And then, of course, Christmas.

Good to look back in this way. It reframes the memories into a broader, more positive, optimistic perspective. And thank goodness for that.

Cheers to a 2018 that’ll bring forth more light and empowerment, more hope for humanity, and more feelings of love and peace; because holy cow that’ll be awesome.




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