This is a Sign

this is a sign - designlovefest + jesse chamberlin

This is a sign. But I suppose if you pay attention, you’d see an entire path illuminated with signs leading the way to all the points of magic in your life. Question is: Do you pay attention? Do you turn your focus toward things that make your heart flutter? Do you pay attention to the signs that’ll show you where they are? Because they’re always there; we just need to perceive them. Do you agree?

I’ve been stepping back a lot from planning my career; from assessing my life in general. So all that really means is I’ve been more open to whatever presents itself in any given day. No goal setting, no agendas. It dawned on me a couple of months ago that I might want to try this out. Like a sort of walking meditation. An experiment. So I’ve just been enjoying the work, the people, the food, the drink, the nature, the dogs, the scientific discoveries, the intricate and the incremental. And what’s come of this is such peace and, too, the raddest experiences evolving both personally and in my career. Also, I have full weekends now since I’ve vowed to refrain from working on Saturdays and Sundays. So yeah, that has likely contributed to my well being. But all that started after I stepped back with a broader perspective on life. It’s often called mindfulness. I call it chilling the hell out.

Consider this a sign for you, too. Tell me the cool stuff you start to see.

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