Thoughts on Beginning 2018

It finally rained. Not much, but enough to offer a new breath of life. We’ve all been waiting for it locally; this confirmed from the texts I received from friends first thing this morning. I keep thinking of the notion of washing away what no longer benefits. Let the useful and inspiring remain, the rest will naturally wash away.

Let’s hope.

I’m going into 2018 without hesitation (because, see ya 2017, you lunatic year) but I’m going in slowly. I’m not feeling the rush of fist pumping energy, so for now…slow and steady. Career-wise, I have two collections in the works and plans for extending creative experiences out into the local community. I imagine this year with more mindful and curated movements. Not that I’m very good at taming my free spirit (wouldn’t want to do that anyway) but I have practiced a less cluttered life and, man oh man, there’s relief and peace in that.

So that’ll be my intention from this day forward. To that, on this past, very quiet and cozy, New Years Day I journaled a bit and closed the entry with this, “I hope 2018 will be my welcoming home.” Never have words so resonated.

Wishing you all an empowering and peaceful year ahead.



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