Wishing You All…

…Been a busy season and life in general these past few weeks (pretty sure you’re all nodding in solidary agreement, yeah?). And now that Christmas is upon us, I’d like to wish you all the merriest and happiest of everything, always. I was back east in my old stomping grounds of New England last week and it was a wonderful all around time visiting with family and friends who I adore. Have a peek of some highlight pics over on my IG, if you’d like! It snowed while I was there and I totally loved it (after I got over my initial disdain for the freezing cold, but alas…snow, lovely fluffy snow!). Nostalgia in full force, my friends. A perfect segway into Christmas. And now that the wildfire is mostly contained (♥THANK YOU, DEAR AWESOME FIREFIGHTERS!!!♥) I am feeling tremendously thankful and hoping of all hopes for ample resources for those who have lost homes, businesses, and property. Hug your life, friends. Hug it good.

[via society 6)


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