A few things…

… to brighten the day…
christmas ornaments
hearts note card - pink + gold
gold tone utensils - festive
Are you a holiday decorator?  I feel nostalgic for New England pretty intensely this time of year; yet I’ve become so accustomed to, and spoiled with, living in a climate that rarely drops below 60 degrees.  
Go figure.
But I do like putting up simple reminders of Christmas and Winter from in and around the home I grew up – those being, but are not limited to, pine cones pilfered from Massachusetts and Maine, ornaments passed along or gifted to me from over the years (we don’t have a tree mostly because we’re pretty sure Mars will tear it down the second we leave him alone in the house- so I hang them here and there…), a sprig or a branch of a pine or redwood tree in a mason jar of water, an ample supply of hot chocolate, and old Christmas records that make that wonderful popping sound as they spin.  
I’m a sentimental one.


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