Adorable and Fun Party-Loving Piñata DIY’s

fuzzy dice pinatas diy

I woke up this morning glad that the sun was shining and thinking of piñatas. So naturally, I had to gather a round-up of some of the most adorable, fun, party-loving DIYs…courtesy of Oh Happy Day. I’m partial to styles that are neither animal nor human characters because, I mean, it’s kind of messed up to beat the living crap out of a sweet pony or, say, a child’s favorite Power Ranger. Call me sensitive, go ahead. But me and this kid are on the same page. He gets it. So how about these cute alternatives? Yes, please…

lemonade pinata diy

lucky charms pinatas diy

cactus pinata diy

watermelon pinata diy

All DIYs via Oh Happy Day!


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