Colorful and Healthy Dream Lattes

colorful soul lattes

Can we just take a moment to enjoy these dreamy little soul lattes? I feel like it’s the grown up product version of a childhood tea party. Here’s what vanelja has to say about these tasty bits of nature’s rainbow…

Well anyways, what I was saying about these Dream Lattes, is that a few months ago I enjoyed my golden latte with different kinds of spices every evening. Then I started doing the Pink Latte, in which I incorporated beet powder (or blended cooked beet with the milk) and that was a true eye candy for me, because my color taste has stuck to what it was when I was 5, like “All pink everything”. Lately I have been doing my Smaragd Latte which is a combination Blue Latte and Green Latte, that includes matcha, chlorella and/or blue algae. And as you can see all these lattes look like some water coloring session would have just taken place – but they actually are quite potions, I tell you! Big powerful color & herb therapy session in one mug.

A big powerful color and herb therapy session in one mug? Yes, please!

Get the full recipe here!


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