For Your Monday

it's okay to not do it all - life quote via lovely indeed

The concept of “doing it all” varies from person to person. There’s the everyday tasks on top of regular work. Then there’s the wrangling of children just to get through the day intact. Then there’s having children and maintaining a career. Then there’re people who are coping with life changing illnesses or that of a family member. And even still there’re people whose entire lives have been based on the very act of physical survival in war-torn lands; where even the notion of emotional survival is a luxury, a privilege. I try to be mindful of this when I feel like I’m overwhelmed. It offers a new perspective and an admiration for the strength that exists in this wide world.

There’s always something to be thankful for in any given day. And when you’re finding yourself insisting that all must be tasked and the to-do list isn’t gonna get itself done, step back a minute. Just do that. Let yourself gain a different perspective; because really it’s all perspective, isn’t it?

Now go make some tea, grab a coffee, scarf down a donut. It’s all okay.

[ via lovely indeed ]


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