My worst (and oddly, my best) Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin decorating diy

Here’s the thing about me and Halloween. I don’t normally dress up. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard, “Hey! You’re that chick from Beetlejuice!” when I wasn’t in costume. But I get it, I mean…My hair, it’s a wild thing. My skin, quite pale. But every few years or so, I’ll get motivated and throw something together. One year, when I was in grade school, I tried to make my own Strawberry Shortcake costume, but most everyone thought I was Raggedy Ann. In college, I put a sheet over me with no eye holes cut out because I didn’t want to buy a new one; so my friend guided me around our trick-or-treating route where we passed as 12 year olds because of our height. And then, a few years back, I went as a burrito- wrapping myself in butcher paper with “Carne Asada $4.95” written on it, closed with a strip of masking tape. This at a party full of girls dressed as Slutty Camo Girl/Slutty Nurse/Slutty Cat/ Slutty [insert any random thing]. I remain quite proud of my, somehow empowering feminist, fully clothed burrito. My shining moment. This year I’m going to a surprise birthday/Halloween party and I will only say that donuts are involved.

How about you? Any costuming plans? I’d love to hear!

Pun pumpkins (have I ever shared that I’m pun-averse? But once in a blue moon, I’ll deal. They have their place…like these via studio diy!)

And how cool are these constellation ones?!


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