Japanese Coffee / Cardamom and Rose Iced Latte

japanese coffee / cardamom and rose iced latte

Everything about this cluster of words sounds delicious: cardamom and rose iced latte. And I don’t think I’ve ever had Japanese coffee, as this recipe calls for, but here’s a great explanation of its process… Japanese iced-coffee style which is simply brewing a hot concentrate over ice. The ice dilutes it back to normal coffee concentration and simultaneously flash chills it to prevent the coffee from cooking more (this is important because hot coffee that’s cooled slowly can taste “burnt”). This method for iced coffee, as opposed to the ever trendy “cold brew” method, preserves all of the sweetness.

So there you have it. I encourage you to check out the full recipe over on local milk. You won’t want to leave her blog, it’s SO well curated.


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