Make | DIY Matisse Felt Board

DIY Matisse felt board

I’ll get to this wonderful Matisse DIY in a sec. But first…Fun Fact: I haven’t been able to get into my site here for the past two weeks. Two weeks. If you follow along on the blog, you may have noticed a big lapse in posting and, though the shop was functioning for orders, I wasn’t able to get in to update anything. It was perplexing, intense and frustrating, but not even remotely close to as intense and frustrating as it could have felt. Why? I’ve really been practicing letting stuff go, particularly when I’ve done everything I can with the resources I have. If nothing else, I’m proud of how I handle setbacks these days (and there have been many!). But I’m about done with all that and, now, it’s onward…

So about this awesome Matisse felt board DIY. It’s an all-ways-perfect project for kids. Colorful, safe, easy to use materials with a touch of art history…win win win win. But, truth told, I want this in my own home for my own use. It would also be a great activity for when my little nephews come to visit next. The House that Lars Built has a great tutorial, if you’d like to check it out!

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