Midland Shop’s Kids for Change Campaign

Full disclosure: I’m not of the mind that the younger generation is lazy and entitled because, in fact, one can find that in every generation that has historically, currently, and will forevermore exist. In short, it’s not a valid argument for the superiority of one population over another. On the contrary. I am feeling incredibly and emotionally inspired by the newer generation’s beliefs with respect for the earth and inclusion of diversity. I think it’s powerful and so beautiful. So does Midland, an LA brand that recently launched the campaign, Midland Kids for Change. Here are the insightful words from those children who modeled, beginning with…

AMÈLIE & INDI, ages 8 & 6 (shown above)

We can change the world if we use bikes instead of cars like they do in Amsterdam. Cars use gasoline that causes damage to the earth and people. I hope more people start to ride bikes or take the train. ~ Amèlie
I wish we didn’t pollute the oceans and rivers. It is killing the earth. I don’t like to wear clothes made in factories that put chemicals in the water. I hope people stop buying those things so factories stop polluting. ~ Indi

DASH, age 5

My wish for the world is to have a rainbow every day. Rainbows make everyone happy. 

DEXTER & RILEY, age 16

Today our world as we know it is going through a lot of unfortunate events. I’m proud to have been able to take a stance with the rest of my generation against gun violence. The school walkouts held nationally was a very powerful moment in our lives, and these actions can help us lead to change for a better place if we keep at it. – Dexter
Our generation is already passionately advocating for equality and human rights, whether it is the Women’s March or March for Our Lives, we are showing up. If we continue to use our voices to fight for what is right or what we believe in, the world will be a changed place. – Riley

ELODIE, age 9

My wish is for people to think about the animals who are hurt by all the litter in the world. Trash goes into our rivers and oceans and hurts all the sea creatures. There is also an island of trash in the ocean. That’s scary! I wish people would stop hunting whales. Our planet is so beautiful and we can all take care of it by picking up litter, recycling, using metal containers for our lunches and tote bags instead of plastic ones. 

JACK, age 15

I want to see accountability for the 85 members of congress who still support the NRA, even after 133 deaths, and 211 injuries in all school shootings since Sandy Hook in 2014. In which 20 first graders were gunned down in their school. If the deaths of first graders won’t change the minds of these members, than what will? 
The change will have to come from kids my age, who believe and know in a brighter future and will not tolerate this.

JAYNA, age 13

We as a community, as people, should all feel safe and supported wherever we go. As a way to help the world we could all be a little more loving, a little more accepting, and a little more compassionate in our everyday lives. From smiling at someone on the street, to a simple compliment, a little action of love and kindness can go a long way to making everyone feel supported and safe in their community.


The world can change if we are kind to each other. So I will be kind to people no matter what they say, where they are from or what they look like. Even if someone is not nice to me, I will try to be kind. Hopefully I can make them be kind too. 

LENNON, age 13

In my community alone I have seen too much hate and mistreatment. People need to understand that it doesn’t matter what a person’s sexuality is, their race, or their religion. It can sometimes be hard to accept someone into your life who is different than you, but I promise to accept and appreciate anyone that I meet for who they are. 

LIV, age 10

I want to help change the world by becoming a scientist. That is the way I hope to make a contribution. I am very curious about the world around me. I don’t know what field of science I will study yet. It is hard to choose because I am interested in a lot of different things. I hope that my discoveries will help people live better lives and have a healthier planet for future generations.

LUCY, age 5

Some people are the same. And some people are different. But I think everyone should have equal rights like Harriet Tubman said. 

LYRIC, age 16

I would love to see healthy and nutritious foods being served in all schools. Every time I look at the menu, I have to wonder if food is fuel for our bodies and brains, then why aren’t school lunches healthier? We are expected to stay focused, study, and engage in physical activity throughout the day, yet we are given food with little to no nutritional value and energy that is not sustainable. There is a serious epidemic of disease in America and especially obesity and diabetes. It begins as early as childhood and this is why we must start now and make changes for our next generation and educate our kids about choosing the right food choices and their benefits that will promote a healthy, disease free prosperous life. Without our health, we have nothing. 


A change that should occur in the world, that I’m very passionate about, is diversity in the modeling industry. I think that there isn’t enough representation of people of color and people that are different shapes and sizes in the industry. The diversity you do see is a small representation in an industry so big! It can happen easily.

If these don’t warm our cold and jaded hearts, I don’t know what to tell ya. We’re in no position to turn down hope and these kids aren’t about to let that happen. Well done, Midland! See more amazing humans here

Photography: Max Wanger


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