Product packaging…

I try to keep my skin + hair care regimen to a minimum.  I’ll wash and condition my hair, finger comb it in the shower, then just apply coconut oil to towel dried hair; sometimes I’ll add a tiny bit of olive oil.  But that’s it.  For my skin, I use an olive oil based cleanser, then steam my face.  I rarely add a daily moisturizer to my face, but I will spray on rose water from time to time.  For my body, once a week I use a homemade mix of coconut oil + vitamin e or, on occasion, olive oil.   I dab on a fragrance that I mix myself + apply red lipstick (and put on a hair adornment) to begin my day.  It keeps the routine easy and I know exactly what’s going into my skin.  Simple, easy, no hassle.
I am in the process of prettifying my jars of homemade concoctions, but when I see certain product packaging, it makes me secretly long for the days of having beautiful designs on my shelf- even though I wouldn’t otherwise use them.  These are some cool ones I’ve recently come across while searching for product packaging design online…
 Anthropologie teamed up with Soap + Paper Factory to create these stunning designs. 
(The top featured image at the beginning of this post is from Tokyomilk )
and these bubble bath bottles (swoon)…

 And this one from Printed + Folded and Anthropologie

Such beautiful art, don’t you think?


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