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be patient with yourself

Be patient with yourself. It’s something I need to remind myself of often. And I mean often. I’m of the wonky mindset lately that the joys in my life cannot be won without everything being perfectly lined up. It really stems from my belief in resonance and alignment, but I think I’m missing the whole point. If I believe, for example, that I won’t attract the right people and opportunities if I don’t have my career perfectly in place or a sense of peace consistently active, then I’m probably going to lose this battle. For one, it isn’t a battle. And two, the joy is hard-found in the process of controlling all the variables  (I can’t control the variables).

Because, here’s the thing. The true path is any path. Just take any path and seek joy along it instead of problems to be solved. Think back a second. Didn’t the best solutions of your life come to you when you were feeling good? Like when you’re in love, the whole world looks different and life works out. You know why? It’s because of perception. You’re feeling good (love), so you’re seeing love (good). Overall, you’re bothered less. And life is easier to maneuver and navigate. You gain clarity. Life is easier to be in.

And the self-criticism, the impatience…it’s wholly detrimental to living the good life. Being patient is a form of kindness, wouldn’t you agree? Impatient people can be rude and mean. So stop being rude and mean, especially to yourself. This life thing and its many many paths can be lightened and softened if we quit insisting that we need to be this way or that way right now, dammit. The weight of that is heavy, you guys. And I, for one, am finally seeing that none of that matters. But patience does.

Now go be kind to yourself. Resting for a bit is not quitting. It gives clarity a space to thrive. And once you have that, the solutions will present themselves. They always do from a space of patience.

It’s late and I’m going to wind down for the night after a rather intense and nerve-wracking week in life and the world around us. I’ll sit in my cozy home, in my little living room, and let my thoughts go only to the parts of life that are kind and light and tender.  The alternative doesn’t serve me. Or anyone, really.

Onward, lovely friends…

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