Sunday Inspiration

heirloom pumpkin variety of autumn colors

I’m feeling Autumn in the air this Sunday morning. It’s cool, wet, crisp, raw. And, as I type, there’s a crow hanging outside my window and a scattering of a few color-turned leaves on the walkway. The scene is set. Welcome, Fall.

Hope you’re all enjoying a cozy day; less productive than it is mellow and nourishing. And with that, some fun links gathered for you from around the web…

These shoes

10 inspirational TED talks to get you through a rough day

Colorful glassware

The perfect Amy Poehler quote for any situation

Cool modern wall hooks

This pretty much sums up my sentiments about the past week in the news. I stand by Planned Parenthood. I stand by safer gun control. I stand by the people who are courageous with love.

Peace and love, friends.


[ heirloom pumpkins via 100 layer cake ]


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